Choose the right shampoo for kids - it can dry the scalp

As it turned out, even such a seemingly simple procedure, like shampooing a small child has a number of rules and recommendations. The moment the baby's head needs only to the extent of contamination. Shampoo – 1-2 times a week to not overdry the scalp. Soap, even children, do not use. He has an alkaline reaction, which can damage a protective film on the skin and it becomes dry. Use only special children's shampoos (they have neutral pH, matchee the content of aromatic substances, dyes).

It is best to take shampoo "without tears". It must first pour it on your palm, lather and apply evenly on the hair of the child. Massage your head with fingertips (not nails), in order not to injure the skin. After this, you rinse thoroughly with shampoo. If the baby has long hair, you can use a special mouthwash. Children over years suitable decoctions of calendula and nettle (if no allergies).

After swimming you need to wet the scalp with a soft towel. Combing wet hair is not recommended, as they absorb moisture well. Their weight increases and even healthy hair can fall out due to gravity. Children with short hair comb your hair preferably brush or comb (prefer wooden). The less hair, the more must be the cogs, and Vice versa.

Combing your head at least 2-3 times a day, even if they are not thick. It is very well massaged the scalp, improves blood circulation, stimulates the growth and nourishment of hair. It is recommended not to put pressure on the hairbrush frequently change the location of the device on the head. Because it's nice to watch as your heir grows a beautiful and healthy hair.

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