How to grow cucumbers on the windowsill in winter

With the arrival of winter all the more eager for something fresh, and when the tomato — cucumber season ends, there is a great opportunity to extend him... in his room. Many generations of our grandparents grow cucumbers on the windowsill. And it is obvious that to grow fresh cucumbers in the winter — not just useful, but also quite fascinating, although not easy.

The best option for growing cucumbers — the Windows orientation to the South. And if the Windows “look” to the North for this are not entirely suitable. It is extremely important to choose the right variety and stock seed. For cultivation in the room conditions are ideal, the Nutcracker, a full House, Joan of Arc, Svyatoslav, Julian, Chernomor.

They give a wonderful harvest in the soil, but they can also be grown in winter in the apartment. Under good care from one of the shoots get ZO—40 delicious pickles. First you need to grow seedlings. As soon as the sprouts needs to keep cucumbers in a relatively cool place, so the seedlings are not stretched.

First you need almost every night to highlight them for at least 2 h per day of fluorescent light. When the cucumbers grow up a little, you need to pinch off the tip of the stem above 4— 5~m sheet. This technique is beneficial to the root system, it grows faster.

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