Metal sculptures of genius "scavenger" by Peter McFarlane

A sculptor from Canada Peter MacFarlane (Peter McFarlane) argues that the capacity of ordinary trash is very large. And he confirms his words for many years for his work. Putting a hand to the metal waste, the author creates conceptual sculptures.

Almost all the decoration in his apartment made from recycled materials, but, nevertheless, the home designer has a very original and stylish look. The same stylish and original are and iron installations, assembled from pieces of Bicycle chains, jigsaws and circular saws, items, broken machines and other household and industrial devices as well as broken cars, gadgets and furniture.

In fact, by the metal parts already pre-determined by the kind of sculpture that they can make if they merge into one. The task of the author is only the process of organizing and creative energy in the right direction, and distribution of the various categories of items with similar "personalities". Of course, without imagination it is not so simple, but Peter MacFarlane it is a sin to complain.

In addition to sculptures from metal parts, the designer creates and other art work using wire and metal wire.

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