Mega-dump used car tires are poisoning the neighborhood of Spanish town

On a dry hillside near Madrid has accumulated a huge black mass: the used tires that have accumulated here over many years, become a real environmental nightmare for the residents of a small town Cesena, which is located nearby.

"Visual as shocking. The countryside around Andalusia, which was formerly famous for the incredible views of the natural landscape, are now completely spoiled this "black mark", says Vicente Garcia de Paredes, an activist environmental group "Ecology in Action."

A huge dump of old tires, which took about 10 hectares, began its formation in the 1990-ies, when one car company began to use the hill as a temporary storage for old tyres, says the former mayor Sesena, Carlos Velasquez, were to be sent for recycling.

But still tires of different sizes lying where they were left, surrounded by a fence and are home to rabbits. According to the environmentalists, the dump is now from 40 to 60 thousand tyres. Many of them are still in excellent condition, but some are totally unsuitable. According to the environmentalists, stagnant puddles in the cavities of tires can serve as breeding grounds for malarial mosquitoes. A 100-strong city Sesena lives in fear of a potential fire huge rubber pile.

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