Why not boil water twice?

Water is the source of life, it is 80 percent of the entire body (in children — 90%), so its quality should apply the most stringent requirements.
Unfortunately, the water that we get in our homes through the water, has not only useful properties, but some elements chlorine, various heavy compounds and malignant mixture, which even modern filters are not always able to cope. And underground spring water, according to experts, in our conditions of soil contamination do not guarantee the squeaky clean, which they were famous.

One of the key methods of disinfection and improve the quality of water consumed has been and remains its boiling, which kills many bacteria, decreases the amount of chlorine, the water will become soft. But.... Numerous studies boiled water show that the heavy metals do not disappear with this method of water treatment, and some particles of chlorine can come into contact with other elements and become quite harmful substances.

If the same water to boil a few times, which is often practiced especially in offices and businesses in the afternoon, the number of these hazardous compounds increases, and the share of useful compounds of oxygen will be reduced to a minimum. In other words, the water is fresh and healthy (even relatively) can become "dead" and harmful.

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