Sculptures from plates of chewing gum from the French artist

More than 4 thousand records mint took French artist Jeremy laffon from the (Jeremy Laffon) to create unique sculptures with complex geometry. The work is created with a height of close to two and a width of close to three meters, the author took several months.

First, the artist of their own money bought "building material", but later his creation has agreed to sponsor a large company is the manufacture of chewing gum. The sculpture of Laffon was built in the same principle as a house of cards. Due to the plasticity of the material, the artist managed to create complicated geometric structure, in which a high tower was joined by spiral transitions.

To purchase the correct form of mint plate, the master used the flashlight. He sent light of a subject on a piece of gum, and she is in heat, has become for artists bending. Unfortunately, life is "mint" masterpiece turned out to be quite short-lived. The words of the artist, his unusual work, he wanted to convey a state of frustration. With this purpose, immediately after finishing the work he melted a few plates, after which the whole structure gradually collapsed in the face of all viewers. Thus, the artist tried to show the audience the collapse of our hopes.


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