What to do in traffic: 5 useful tips

1. Look at the people around. Let's consider them. What you can tell about the driver in the next row? What does he do? What does he do? If you will practice these skills, you will be able to better understand people. Besides, it's pretty exciting.

2. Fortunately, most likely, every car has a radio, and each driver has a phone. Participate in contests, request a song, say Hello to friends, have fun.


3. Remember whom you should call. Instead of wasting precious minutes, make all the necessary calls and you will not need to spend much time with them after.


4. Turn on the CD with good songs and sing along. It will improve your mood.

5. Relax. Waiting is infuriating, but agree that in this case nothing depends on you. Your nerves will not help you to reach the destination faster. So why waste your nerves?

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