The most harmful habits of childhood

Picking your nose.

This horrible childish habit that can stay with your child for life. It's not just cultural, but also can harm your health, because with a little finger enters the nose more and different bacteria and viruses. Therefore it is better to divert the child's attention from such habits, and to help in every way to avoid it.



Children can never sit still. Try to get used to the rhythm of a child's life, but even if he performs some exercises on perseverance.

The thumb sucking.

This habit continues from infancy. If Your child is still thumb sucking, parents need to gradually teach him not to do it.

Bad words.

Though the habit of the child, but the fault of the parents who allowed the kid to fans of foul language.

Love for fast food.

Children are often unable to depend on fast food. If you want to have a small donut home continue to feed high-calorie food from fast food restaurants.


TV and video games.

The majority of children spend at least 5-6 hours a day playing video games and watching TV.

Fight and bite.

If this behavior goes beyond the need to conduct a couple of educational discussions with the child, in gaming or any other form, the main thing that the child understood what to do.

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