Lazy good for health


Argue that all great discoveries were made because of laziness. Archimedes guessed hydrostatic law, taking a bath, and Mendeleev, as is known, the table came in a dream.

Laziness — the engine of progress. Sparing yourself and your strength, the man is cunning and devises the easiest and effective way to achieve the goal. Lazy will find many options for how to save energy, time and money to implement tasks.


7 times measure, cut once — it's about leisurely. They have enough time to be distracted from the incredible pace of work and to look at the situation anew. Measured in decision making never hurts, but on the contrary, will save from hasty and unnecessary motion and will help to reduce the associated risks.


Experts have proven that lazy good for health. A man who knows how to be lazy, is a man who knows how to relax. Lazy less stressed. Workaholic driving himself to work, the stress accumulates. If people can not relax, he continued to worry, and this can lead to serious diseases. So try to relieve stress and manage your time. Don't waste your life force in vain, because ultimately the meaning of life, certainly not in an eternal work.

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