Re-Timer is a unique sunglass for controlling biorhythms

Scientists from South Australia's Flinders University has developed a unique glasses Re-Timer, which allow for active people it is much easier to endure the hours-long flights and the constant change of time zones.
This revolutionary gadget, which went on sale this month, was the result of 25 years of research in the field of sleep.


According to the developers, a soft green light, which generates special led light bulb points, enables the human body to reset the internal biological clock and with minimal effort to adapt to the frequent change of day and night.
Just a 50-minute use of points Re-Tmag will allow their owner to easily Wake up in the morning after a long trip and keep the vigor and sharpness of mind throughout the day.


However, for the optimal setting of points before a long journey, the company has suggested the clients to calculate the time and duration of the use of their device on specially designed calculator.
Price points the correction of the biological clock Re-Tmeg $260.


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