The magical "Witching well" in Estonia

The reserve was Tuhala is famous not only because it is the largest karst area in Estonia. Its territory is a highly original landmark, Estonia – normal with mean well can work wonders.
Well this is really magic. Because otherwise, as a natural wonder not to be identified. A few times a year (the exact schedule, apparently, knows only nature), from the well like a geyser begins to erupt water. Tons of water seemed to "boil" and within minutes flooded the surrounding lawn, turning it into a small lake.

Wonderful well called in ancient times, the locals greatly feared. It today everyone knows that the reason for the strange behavior of the well are karst cavities, which are so rich in this area. Overflow the neighbouring swamp or river surplus water goes out in all possible ways. Including through the well. There is an opinion that this place is one of the most powerful energy columns in Estonia. And in ancient times all this no one heard. And because the area is already 3000 years ago were considered "bad".

Wells, at all times, was revered as something special, a gateway to another world (it is worth remembering the many tales where the heroes come with them to other dimensions). And if the well suddenly neither from that nor from this starts to flow through the top of the water, the explanation can be only one – not only witches bathe. Bathing yourself in the underground baths-saunas, whip themselves with brooms. And don't pay attention to what is happening above them. And became the well Witch.

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