In Estonia, there is a well Witch

Witch well (est. Nõiakaev) - seemingly a normal well, but once a year it turns into a geyser spewing out a huge amount of water. Head outgoing water sometimes up to 100 liters per second. Local old-timers remember the days when the water was a fountain of up to half a meter. No one can say exactly when it begins erupting Witch well the next time.

Sometimes Witch well (Eng. Witch's well) is poured several times a year, at other times it is necessary to wait a few years (from 2006 to 2009. "eruptions" was not).

Before the outpouring of well caused the local population superstitious, believed that this witch went to bathe in a bath under the ground. In fact, the well is located above the caverns, in which underground rivers flow. In the spring, due to abundant snow melt or during the rainy season they sharply increased "pressure" of water, which is output through the well.




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