Well of Chand Baori, a masterpiece of architecture

Even if you are simply viewing photos from the well of Chand Baori breathtaking. Without a doubt this is Chud, you need to see with my own eyes.


Due to the difficult climatic conditions and lack of water the locals had to dig a well deeper and deeper. Thus, the depth of the well is 30 meters, it is equivalent to a 13 story building.

This mysterious place, of course, is shrouded in myths. According to legend, Chand Baori were dug by ghosts in one night by order of the mystical sorcerer. Whatever it was, in fact, the staff have made Herculean efforts.


Unique well built in the ninth century, in order to produce drinking water. Such wells are called Maori, and it was quite common in India in ancient times. Their steps down lower and lower to groundwater.

The unique construction is a beautiful example of architecture of that time.


Well of Chand Baori has about three and a half thousand steps and thirteen tiers. The step well is located near the chapel Charset Mat. This shows that the structure has a religious significance. Came here to wash my hands and feet are those who went into the temple itself.

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