Scientists have named 5 of the most useful plants for the home

"Flame space" — the most important part of the home microclimate. Come home exhausted, swallowing exhaust gas, and the house is waiting for you "favorite" in the tub all day tried, saturating the air with oxygen and absorb the bad stuff. But what kind of flowers good to keep in the apartment?

        English ivy


This plant is not just a leader among the potted plants on the absorption of carbon dioxide. Jade ivy has in its Arsenal another important and rare property: it is a natural sorbent and takes out of the air, heavy metals, toxins and formaldehyde.

        Bamboo palm tree


If English ivy is very harmful in terms of watering and fertilizing the bamboo palm (chamaedorea) will thank you simply because you pomestite it in a place where at least a few hours a day will Shine the sun.



This beautiful flower is not afraid the black work in your home.

It will safely deal with industrial and domestic toxins. He can "absorb" a pair of acetone, benzene, different types of alcohols, and ammonia.

        Palm Lady


And here this sweet lady, in contrast to other plants not only clean the air from harmful impurities, but also will saturate its important minerals and salts that are good for the respiratory system.

And Palma is a Lady to calm my nerves.



Unassuming "grandma" flower very effectively cleanse the air and freshen it. And almost does not cause allergic reactions. So it can be put beside the bed and in the nursery.

Bioactive substances which distinguishes this flower, help to sleep well and Wake up fresh.

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