Created the glasses for people with any form of head and nose

Ron Arad (Ron Arad) developed for the brand Pq the collection of points with A-shaped frames, as well as a series of points"fish". The last frame is a one-piece design created from transparent acetate plastic. The hinged frame is not the usual bolt and slot: the designer has solved the potential problem of "loose" points, using the experience of nature, like the bones of mammals, a series of interconnected joints linked to the "spine" on the inside of the temples allows the frame to bend inward, but not outward. To make points even more expressive, the lens was shifted backward. Interestingly, form one of the pairs is an allusion to the iconic glasses worn by the legendary Le Corbusier (Le Corbusier).

A-shaped frames are completely made of wire. Strap between the apertures of lenses made in the form of a triangle with numerous recesses in the back of the bow so that there can be inserted an elongated horizontal locking. Depending on the height at which it is inserted, the lenses can be separated or, conversely, to move closer to each other.

This flexibility makes the glasses comfortable for people with different head shape and nose. The hinges is provided with a spring (this feature is borrowed from the most ancient models), so when the glasses are off, they close by themselves.

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