Led light bulb can make us blind

The investigation, which was conducted by the Spanish scientists from Madrid's Complutense University found that even seemingly economical and environmentally friendly light-emitting diode (LED) lamps has its dark side. The fact that LED lamps have an extreme impact on human health and can even make him blind.

Spanish scientists attribute this to the fact that the light emitted from such lamps can cause substantial harm to the retina of the human eye. Furthermore, these injuries can be so severe that no medication, and operating procedures will not help.
Dr. Sanchez-Ramos and her colleagues see a serious threat that LED lights are used not only for lighting, but in the different gadgets, screens of computer monitors and televisions will become an integral part of not only our lives but the lives of our children.

"The problem is compounded by the fact that even children starting from an early age to use electronic devices that emit light, for example, completing the same homework assignments that are asked in school. The fact that our eye is designed in such a way that they were not intended for us to look directly at the light they were intended to see we could by the light".

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