A simple way to increase the living space in Your home

In the small apartments rather is an issue about saving space. Modern designers offer quite interesting multifunctional furniture which will be appropriate and comfortable even in a very small apartment. Among these solutions – the chairs that fold into each other, the bed, which can be attached to the wall and vertical garden with a sports simulator.
A great solution for a small Studio apartment is a Murphy bed, which if necessary can be screwed to the wall as a wardrobe. The bed can be teenage, double or even a bunk.

Quite interesting solution – an oven that turns into a chair. Even in the morning, she must have baked, and after dinner the owner of the apartment is conveniently located with a book in a comfortable chair, which appeared in its place.

French designers Yoann Legаinoux, Simon VIO and Thibault Rougаnne suggested a treadmill with a green wall. This is a great solution for someone who wants to green the apartment and not to clutter the apartment with pots. Rather important that practicing on the simulator you can always get some fresh air.

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