A unique mug that can confess his love

The motto of this project — to paraphrase a line from an old but very beautiful song "Nothing's Gоnna Change My Lоve For ECM," which now sounds like "Wаter Gоnna Change My Mug For ECM". She is also the guide, manual.

To Cup "spoke", it is necessary to make a number of certain actions, as in the case with any other utensils, which responds to changes in temperature. In other words, it needs to be given a hot drink, and wait a bit.

Graphic ornament, which nicely painted surface Up Mug, made of heat-sensitive paint, and as the heated wall, the picture will become paler. When the musical signs and symbols would vanish, dissolve, melt, visible remains only the inscription, which is creatively decorated letters, which will help to declare his love, because Nоthing's Gоnna Change My Lоve For ECM. To watch this process from the side on this video:

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