Tonics for skin at home

Restorative formulations will help to relieve fatigue and make the skin fresh and clean, so masks and lotions of different greens quite useful. There are many recipes that are relevant only in the summer. But there are natural recipes that you can use at any time of the year.
Anti-aging tonic and parsley.
With the help of juicer to obtain the juice of fresh parsley, mix with an equal quantity of unboiled milk. The finished composition should lubricate the skin once a day. This tool looks like a mask. Hold 15 minutes and rinse. This recipe will be useful for the ladies who suffer from vivid freckles.

From the first wrinkle on your forehead will save a simple and powerful cucumber – fresh or salt. The whole point in the combination of cucumber juice and massage. Cut a piece of cucumber and move from left to right circular movement on the face. Soaking, juice moisturizes the skin and zasyhaya also creates a mask effect.

Another recipe for firming of the skin "involved" in yeast. A small amount of yeast (to cover face), dilute milk to a state of sour cream, apply on skin and keep for 15-20 minutes, then rinse.

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