Created a new way of lighting for developing countries

British scientists and inventors Jim Reeves (Jim Rеeves) and Martin Riddiford (Mаrtin Riddifоrd) invented a prototype light bulbs GrаvityLight, which operates using the force of gravity. The creators hope that in the future these lamps will solve the problem with electricity in troubled regions.

Interesting light bulbs will be delivered in India, Africa and South America. According to statistics, in these regions live most people who are not able to pay for electricity and are forced to use for lighting dangerous kerosene lamps.
Bulbs GrаvityLight can be seen as a clever and inexpensive replacement of a kerosene stove. In some regions, people need to give 10-20% of their monthly income to buy fuel for lamps.

It should be noted that a pair of kerosene that people inhale in the course of the evening, are dangerous no less than smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. And every year in India alone, due to careless handling of the fuel bulb about three million people get burns of varying severity.

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