A unique chair that lets you sit while standing

In recent times increasingly popular the tables are XTаble, which are operated standing up. But this table can be the cause of serious health problems, for example, varicose veins of the legs. To solve this problem will help the chair Stаnding Tak Sah that will help you use the furniture without any harm to health.

Mystery chair Stаnding TAC Chair — in its interesting design, which promotes proper distribution of body weight. The chair will take the weight off of the back and legs, will support them straight.

Chair Stаnding TAC Chair consists of two main elements. The first seat that resembles a Bicycle. The second platform for the feet, which will allow to remove stress from the lower limbs, due to the emphasis under the knees. Thus, the combination of two structural elements of the chair will allow a person to "sit while standing" in the literal sense of the word.

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