Homemade electric generator on the basis of the bike, which you can do with your hands

The user of the website Instructables, which calls itself KlockworkKevin have created a very simple and easy, but at the same time wonderful thing: a set-transformer for generating electricity by using a Bicycle.

Kevin conceived of the ordinary table, which stood on the patio, to make electricity generator. Imagine the power plant is not electricity, no water taps, in the columns of gas in the city wandering zombies (and maybe alien beings or viruses) and low smartphone and Angry Birds to the end failed. How can that be?

It's time to use the generator! Riding a iron horse to the yard, put the table that was waiting in the courtyard, to the side, and the front wheel of the bike in a special groove on the bottom of the table, the rear wheel on a special stand with a rotating roller, which transmits the rotation of the pulley on the motor.
Again, hop on a bike and pedal... Voila!
The battery is charged, turn the table to its original position, and again use the bike as a means of transportation.

Source: /users/413


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