Created a robot boy to help the elderly

This anthropomorphic robot boy Rоboy invented by scientists from the artificial intelligence Lab at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) with 15 other organizations. Its main task is to help the elderly to run the household, thus to facilitate their way of life and as long as possible to maintain their independence.
120-centimeter-tall robot has the form of a skeleton with a synthetic muscle, which covers the soft leather. Of his face yet: what will be the appearance Rоboy, is decided by the participants in the online contest that will hold in the social network Facebоok.

Says project leader, Professor Rolf Pfeifer, the population of Europe and America is aging. It makes you think about the need to do something that will provide everyone an opportunity to run the household by themselves as long as possible.
It should be noted that this project has no funding at the state level: development and creation of a robot boy made possible only through donations. Valued at 500,000 euros, the project has gained about 300,000.

Professor Rolf Pfeifer reports that Roboy will be the propulsion system that will work thanks to artificial tendons, such as in humans. That is, all its motion will be as smooth and graceful as a real person.

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