A device that protects drinking water

Everyone knows the fact that the day a person needs to consume up to 2 liters of fluid.
But few people know that every year more 109,5 billion liters of drinking water just simply drained into the sewer, while in many third world countries people often die from a lack of this water.
And specially for that people are accustomed to the careful and more economical to treat the water using its remains for the benefit, and not Vice versa, a designer from Korea Jinung Choi (Buoyed So) invented the project interesting device Crystаl Clеar.

So what is this device? The concept is something like a portable sink with faucet, which has a special filtration system, as well as the mechanism for the conversion of already purified water in the vapor that will moisturize air. After all, scientists proved that the air humidity is also quite important for the human body.

So if you didn't drink the water, don't need to throw it out anywhere, but in the presence of Crystаl Clеar to throw out this very unfinished water in the sink.

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