The benefits and harms of ice cream. What kind of ice cream useful

Ice cream is a perfect dessert especially in the summer heat, eat and cool off. But how useful is ice cream, who is helpful and who should not get involved even in the summer, this delicacy — ice cream. Natural ice cream is a pretty valuable product and it is not necessary to exclude it from your diet. A huge amount of calcium contained in the ice cream that makes this product extremely valuable in the children's, diets. The study, which was conducted by American scientists, have proved that moderate consumption of ice cream will not lead to weight increase, but rather decreased, because the calcium helps burn fat. In addition, the calcium will strengthen bones, normalize blood pressure.

Eating ice-cream prevents the appearance of kidney stones, strengthen the immune system, in women, reduce menstrual pain, reduce the risk of female infertility. Scientists attribute this to the fact that whole milk affects ovulation.
Ice cream can be a part of Breakfast, lunch and dinner, a useful addition to the main meal, because it contains vitamins, calcium, proteins and other useful substances for the body.

What's the harm of ice cream

But still, it would not have been healthy ice-cream, all you need to know the measure. People who have increased cholesterol, eat ice cream, cooked in animal fats should not be.

Nutritionists advise not to eat ice cream, flavored with artificial flavors, it is better to replace them with fruit and berry ice cream.

Less calories contains dairy ice cream, but more of just the sugar content that can increase the level of glucose in the blood.

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