What gadgets most harm Your health?

The SMARTPHONE in a pants pocket
Scientific studies prove: a ten-minute conversation on a mobile phone enough surface temperature of the brain increased 0.1° C. this heating Cells to react rather ambiguous: a strong start to quickly share, the weak just die off.
So started having problems with potency, one hour per day during the year to wear this kind of radiator in the front pants pocket.


The LAPTOP on his knees
He heats that in particular the heat does not need. Testicles don't like heat, and the scrotum – excellent cooling system fluid. Some laptops while working are heated to 60° C, which increases the temperature in the genital area in average by 1-3 degrees. Six months of such daily “thermal procedures” enough to disrupted spermatogenesis, and the chance to become a father fell sharply.

Car SEAT heated.

Any doctor will tell you that the icy leather seat dangerous kidney disease, osteochondrosis, radiculitis. But the chair is heated is also quite a dangerous invention. If you use it wrong, you can make infertility. Bask, alas, not just the buttocks but also the already mentioned eggs, which suffer so much from laptops.


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