Spanish cuisine useful for beauty

Spaniards love olive oil, it is they are generously filled in all their dishes, but also vegetables, fruits and seafood. In addition, the residents of Sunny countries almost do not eat fried foods, giving preference to the stew. Want to know more about the cuisine of Spain?

The company Fiestaloniа Mileniо made gourmet tourism, which is called "Summer on the Spanish kitchen." He implies acquaintance with the country and its cuisine. You can not just try, but to learn how to cook dishes from three completely different regions of Spain — Catalonia, Basque Country and Galicia. Tells the secrets of the culinary art of the famous Spanish chef and leading culinary television programs. To be honest, the tour also includes visits to the best wine cellars there, where the ordinary tourist has been ordered, and a master class from a professional sommelier.

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