How to choose olive oil

Olive oil is a product of long-livers. Avicenna called it the best medicine. To olive oil did not disappoint you should learn how to choose it. If you learn to read the labels on the bottles to assess the color and taste of olive oil, you will in any store will be able to choose a good oil.

To know what olive oil is best, should first understand the classification of olive oils. This will help you to determine the quality of olive oil, even if it is packaged in closed containers. All the olive oils are divided into three large groups:

  • natural (virgin),
  • purified (refined)
  • pomace (pomace).
The best olive oil is of course oil virgin grade.

Refined olive oil is also very good. That is a high quality vegetable oil, but its composition refined olive oil can compete with natural. Refined olive oil is considered best for cooking because when heated it does not strongly oxidized and it does not produce carcinogens.

As for the olive oil pomace, it is derived from Timkov that are placed in a centrifuge or treated with special solvents, by which the cake could still pull a certain amount of oil. It is used mainly for baking. In Spain pomace oil is also often called orujo. So if you see a jar of olive oil such an inscription, it is not necessary to choose.

The label should indicate not only where the butter produced, but also where it was bottled. Good olive oil is produced and bottled in one country, and packer is the producer himself. If on the packaging indicates only the place of the spill or the place of production, the quality of the oil should make you suspicious. Do not choose olive oil, bottled in the country where olives do not grow. Most likely, this means that in the country of production this oil could not pass the test of quality.

Unlike wine, olive oil not getting better, so pay attention to the date of the spill. Even the best olive oil may eventually lose your taste. By the way, for the same reason you should not buy olive oil "in reserve". The best container for olive oil is a darkened glass bottle. She doesn't let the sunlight thus slows down the oxidation processes that reduce the quality of olive oil.

How to determine the quality of olive oil by color? To appreciate the taste of olive oil by color is very difficult. The color of the oil depends on a huge number of factors. From the ripeness of the olives, time of harvest, the presence of impurities. Greenish "grassy" shade of color can say that olive oil was obtained from green olives. This, of course, quality olive oil possessing a slight bitterness on the palate. The oil from riper olives usually has a yellow color, sometimes with violet tint. And finally a dark brown olive oil obtained from the ripe fruits already fallen on the ground. It has a sweet taste.

It is worth noting that mosthigh-quality olive oil are a mixture of oil, squeezed out of the sludge of the olives of different ripening. Tasters choose the best oil from olives with different ripeness and blended them in different proportions to obtain the best olive oil. As a result, cannot obtain the oil with the most outstanding bouquet of aromas, flavors and poslevkusii.

How to check the quality of olive oil? Of the most affordable ways to determine the quality of olive oil, you can only talk about testing in the cold. Quality olive oil is cold-sensitive. If you put it in for a few minutes in the fridge, it formed white flakes. However, the taste of olive oil is not affected. As soon as the oil warms up to room temperature, the white crystals disappear.

To summarize:

1. The best olive oil is Extra Virgin grade or more grades of olive oil.

2. The acidity of the best olive oil is 0.8%.

3. Good olive oil can be yellow or light green color. However, to choose a quality olive oil only in color is impossible.

4. The packaging of high quality olive oil date of manufacture, country of origin, exact address of the manufacturer, the date of bottling. The place of production and place of the spill should be the same.

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