Olive oil on an empty stomach

Those who used to drink olive oil on an empty stomach in the morning, know that his action is directed to the reduction of cholesterol in the blood, and a unique vitamin complex allows to increase the body's resistance to diseases and infections at any time of the year. It is known that the favorable effect of olive oil on bone tissue: washed for 5-15 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach to mouth, you improve the condition of the teeth by preventing Tartar formation and reducing the likelihood of tooth decay.

Helps olive oil on an empty stomach and in the struggle for the normalization of pressure, effectively and in a short time, reducing its level. This contributes to the oleuropein is a substance from the leaves and the fruit of the tree. To improve the activities of the digestive tract olive oil brings undoubted benefits: organize the activity of the stomach, liver, intestines. Suffering from frequent constipation it is recommended that people apply olive oil to normalization of stool. And for nursing mothers and pregnant women oil is simply irreplaceable. Its composition is somewhat akin to breast milk, which allows you to have a beneficial effect on the formation and development of brain function of the baby.

In addition, experienced stress as a result of childbirth, mother's body with olive oil gives youth and beauty. A good showing olive oil on an empty stomach for weight loss taken in the amount of a teaspoon early in the morning (30 minutes before Breakfast). It is well absorbed by the body and nourishes it from within to its useful effect. However, one should distinguish between the main methods of taking the oil. To clean the body of toxins. In the morning a tablespoon of oil is used for mouthwash. For 15 minutes with olive oil intensively rinse the mouth, after which the mixture looks like milk, spit.

Method is suitable for treatment of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx. To normalize the functioning of internal organs. On an empty stomach take a teaspoon of butter and wash it down with water with a few drops of fresh lemon juice.

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