Dettifoss - most powerful waterfall of Europe


Dettifoss (Lis. Dettifoss) is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Is this natural wonder in the northeast of Iceland on the river with the unpronounceable name, Gecolsa-AU-Fiedler national Park, Seculauncher.

The waterfall is located at a distance of 1 km downstream from the waterfall Selfoss and 2 km upstream from the falls, Garagistes.

The average consumption of water here comes to 500, and produce the impression he is not inferior to Niagara. The width of Dettifoss waterfall about 100 meters, height — 44 meters, which is 9 meters less than the Niagara falls. The average water consumption of Dettifoss — 200 cubic meters per second, and at times up to 500 cubic meters per second. The name Dettifoss (Dettifoss) means "bubbling waterfall," and this is completely untrue. It is also called "European Niagara".

The river on which the waterfall adds to the melt water of the glacier, Ventional. The color of the water in the waterfall — brown, which is unusual for Icelandic rivers. Near the waterfall is beautiful "mosquito lake" Mi van, about 10 km long, 8 km wide with 34 Islands of volcanic origin. Standing at the waterfall you can feel the tremors under your feet, and the roar of water can even stun for a moment. Not surprisingly, the first Icelandic settlers called it the "king of waterfalls".

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