Scientists have created a device that 10 seconds will tell you all about Your health

American firm Scоut-based research center. Ames, located in mountain view, came up with the scanner, which easily gives the possibility to monitor the state of human health. For ten seconds the device will scan all vital functions of the body, you just need to attach it to his forehead.

The idea of this device occurred to Walter de Brouwer while visiting son in the hospital. Watching the vital signs of your child on the monitor, his father invented how to simplify the whole process. Device Scоut small, you can put it in your pocket and it displays the condition of the body at the moment.

Does the scanner work in the same way that a medical device in the hospital, only it is smaller in size and can sync with your mobile device. This compactness allows you to use the device Scout everywhere and, thus, to perform continuous monitoring of health status.

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