How to easily improve your Wi-Fi signal at home

Aluminum cans from soda can do the Internet wirelessly is quite comfortable. In just a few minutes from the banks you can build a reflector for the antenna of the wireless router that will give the opportunity to improve the quality of signal reception. The whole process of alterations:
To turn the used capacity in the reflector for the router should:
1.Rinse the jar from the remnants of the content. You can repeatedly wash it with warm water and soap.
2.The delete key on the Bank, not to interfere.


3.Cutting off the lower part of the jar. Cut the bottom of the tank using a sharp knife or scissors.

4.In the same way cut off and the top of the can, but not until the end. You should leave about 1 cm of the connection.

5.To cut the Bank itself in half, and to expand the cylinder in the tape. Cut it so that the upper part remains attached to the Bank.
6.Bend the tape by the arc and put it on the antenna of the router. Modified Bank must be secured so that it reflects radio waves in the desired direction.

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