How bras affect the health of women?

Doctors warn that if a woman wears is not suitable for her size bra, it can cause serious health problems.
You will not believe, but bad underwear can cause rashes, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and even stomach upset due to the pressure on the diaphragm. Especially women suffer with large Breasts.


In the end deteriorating the camp, and to shift the internal organs. Physicians commented that they often refer women with curvature of the spine, marks from straps and the bones of the bra. By the way, the dice is very much pressure on the stomach and the esophagus.


This creates one point on the back between the shoulder blades, which gets all the load. Front not support, so some women have to lift up the head. The result is disruption of normal blood flow, mode of breathing, headache, back pain.

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