Scientists have found that the sun causes cataracts

Direct and reflected from the surface of the pond or snow, the sunlight can severely irritate the mucous membranes of the eyelids and the cornea, which is accompanied by damage to branches of the trigeminal nerve. Moreover, the sun's rays adversely affect the receptors in the retina, and this entails a violation occurring in it exchange and photochemical processes, in particular accelerated the disintegration of the visual pigment.

Therefore, prolonged exposure to the sun (both in summer and in winter during the ski or Hiking vacation in the mountains) without your sunglasses very often leads to eye fatigue, photophobia, lacrimation.Best help to protect eyes from direct and reflected sunlight sunglasses with side shields. Industry produces corrective and protective eyewear.

Glaucoma patients in the bright sun need to wear sunglasses with green-blue protective glasses (AP-1), which beneficially affect the nervous system and lowering intraocular pressure.

If discomfort and pain in his eyes try to move quickly into the shadows.

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