Created the first biodegradable sunglasses made of cotton

The company Zeal from Colorado introduced the world's first truly biodegradable sunglasses.

The new product is called Ace. Their uniqueness — a new frame out of cotton, which can be dissolved in water for 18 months. In combination with vegetable lens, E-llume sunglasses Ace can be are the most "green" at the moment. Zеal long been working to minimize the environmental impact of their products.

An innovative company develops the latest models of glasses when using the eco-friendly materials. Zеal makes frames from castor oil. Moreover, this company made the world's first vegetable of the lens, rather than ordinary plastic, which is created from petroleum products. And now, the latest novelty glasses Ace, the frame of which is made of cotton. Used to create the cotton grown in the United States, and then sent to Italy, where it is converted into resin, which later get rim.

Ace points is represented by five models, the price — from $169. // Spring was represented by points that are suitable for people with any form of head and nose.

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