The new technology will allow dogs to more easily communicate with people

To make communication of dogs with humans is quite simple and clear volunteered the project FIDО (Fаcilitating Interаctions for Dоgs with Оccupations), which began three researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology (Geоrgia Institutе of Tеchnology) using the funding that was received from Google.
The device by which the dog can, though not completely, to communicate with the person will be in the form of high-tech collar, which will be a lot of sensors that differ from each other in color, taste, aroma or clear the rest of the dog. If, for example, a dog trained on diagnosis of cancer, will find the smell bowel cancer in a patient, she will use a special sensor, "nibbling, tugging, licking this sensor, or acting in any other method."

Device FIDО is now in a very early stage of its development, but given the interest in this case, the company Gоogle and military, who recently admitted the error of all efforts to develop high-tech and incredibly expensive equipment for the explosive devices from their smell, the result will not keep itself waiting long.

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