How to choose the right summer shoes?

Flats for several seasons and never go out of fashion, due to the fact that quite comfortable and look great on the female foot.

Can be worn: shorts to the knee and higher, dresses of light flowing fabrics, lush skirts, tight trousers.

Do not need to wear: clothing of ethnic style and different costumes.

Espadrilles – shoes that are made of fabric with long ribbons that tie around the ankle. Perfect for the holiday season, comfortable when walking and indispensable in hot weather.

You can wear short dresses in the Greek style, and with a full skirt just below the knee.

Do not need to wear: mini skirts.

If before sandals and flip flops in the beach, today they have found wide application in everyday life.

You can wear: with light dresses and clothes of sports style.

Do not need to wear: with any business clothes.

A boat is salvation in womens wardrobe. They just do not go out of fashion, but also relevant in ordinary life, and on the way out.

Can be worn: with jeans, pencil skirt, formal and simple dresses, classic trousers.

Do not need to wear: mini skirts, the clothes in a sporty style, and dresses with lots of frills, lace.

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