China to build longest underwater tunnel

The Chinese media announced the adoption by the government decision to revive the project to build the large-scale underwater buildings on Earth. Transport tunnel will connect the shores of the Bohai Gulf, linking Yantai and Dalian.
The length of the tunnel amounts to 123 kilometers. Putting it into operation transport communication between the provinces of Shandong and Liaoning will be reduced by thousands of miles, the result will significantly accelerate grusome and expand transport links between Eastern and North-Eastern regions of China.
The tunnel will link Dalian and Yantai.

The volume of newly approved investment in a giant underwater structure will be 260 billion yuan, or $42 billion. Economists report that after the completion of the tunnel will be repaid in 12 years — the annual income from the operation is estimated at $3,26 billion Is a very ambitious financial goal. The Eurotunnel was able to bring the first profit in 14 years after entering into operation in April 2008 — and then only because a large part of its debt was restructured. The tunnel at the bottom of the Bohai Gulf will be the longest such structure in the world

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