Passwords stored in the most common browser, can be found for a couple of minutes

One of the world's most popular browsers — Google Chrome — not so safe, how it is presented to users. Anyone can a few clicks can get access to the password that You saved in this program.
Need to open "Settings", click on "Show advanced settings", go to "Passwords and forms", and there is a button "Manage saved passwords". All.

Do they know about this defect developers? Of course. One of the leading programmers Google Justin Schuch believes that you can hack any system: "any safe can be opened. The criterion of safety of the safe is another question."

Need to add that other well-known browsers — Safari and Firefox — also had such problems, but the developers are willing to correct them. For example, added to section "passwords" feature "master password", which protects personal information from accidental guest.By the way, Google Chrome is advertised everywhere in Youtube videos and on Google, and on billboards for advertising.

You need to think about when the next time POPs up a window with the question "do you Want to save your password?" really?

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