The world's largest boat on solar energy finished the circumnavigation

The world's largest boat on solar energy transferred from London to Ostend, Belgium. Arrival PlаnetSolar MS Turanor on the Thames marks the end of the "deepwater" scientific campaign to collect physical and biological measurements along the Gulf stream. Scientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) expect data analysis to better understand the interaction between the ocean and atmosphere

A little earlier in June this year, TRANS-Atlantic, the solar catamaran, which set the speed record, was transformed into a scientific platform to collect data on the Gulf stream from Ostend to London. Scientists assert that Tagapag PlаnetSоlar gives the experts a unique opportunity to study water, not making carbon dioxide emissions. To study water Tagapag had a set of special sensors, including Wowoh analyzer, aerosol, which is able to determine the impact of aerosols on climate change and air quality.

"PlanеtSolar DeеpWater gave the opportunity to test in field conditions, several scientific devices, some of which were developed UNIGE only as prototypes," said in a press release Martin Beniston.

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