Circumnavigation with solar batteries (5 photos)

Built in Kiel ship Solar secured a place in the history books, putting a sensational record. Catamaran «MS Tûranor PlanetSolar» successfully completed on Friday in Monaco first circumnavigation exclusively on solar energy. No other ship is so far failed.

"We are extremely happy - commented on the arrival of the ship initiator of the« PlanetSolar »Rafael Domyan. - We have shown that we have the technology and knowledge to use renewable resources and protect our blue planet ».

Travel «MS Tûranor» was primarily long adventure. 584 days, 23 hours. And lasted 31 minutes swimming in all the world's oceans. The ship set sail from Monaco in the direction of the American continent, and then went to Australia. Because of the problems with propellers team was forced in April last year to stay for two weeks in Asia. However, 38,000 solar cells functioned flawlessly.


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