Innovation for gadgets: Desk solar

Table solar. Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel created the table solar powered table that can generate electricity and charge any gadgets while you work. Table Current Table uses photosynthesis to create energy from diffused indoor lighting and has built-in USB ports that can power any electric devices.

The surface of the table from bright orange glass work surface rests on triangular wooden legs. Inside the glass panels are synthesized on the basis of artificial dyes in solar panels that produce energy using the same mechanism as plants — photosynthesis. They are used for color properties of the glass similar to how plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into energy.

Table solar

The technology is applicable to furniture is based on the location of the smallest particles of titanium dioxide on the glass sheet. The glass is then painted in orange color that acts as a conductor and allows the battery to absorb more sunlight. Excess energy is stored in batteries and is used every time a gadget connects to the USB port.

In contrast to the majority of solar cells which require direct sunlight to be used in the table "Current Table", can generate electricity from diffused indoor lighting, and their performance is not affected by external weather conditions. Four cells for each USB port requires about an hour to fully charge. This innovative furniture currently on display at the Salone Satellite in the framework of the "Milano design week 2014".



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