Switzerland has experienced a stratospheric airplane solar

Today, there are several projects of elektrozapalom, including using solar panels to recharge the batteries. However, in most cases we are talking about a partial charge, and planes all running on energy from solar panels in the minority.

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The plane SolarStratos receives all necessary energy from solar panels on the wings with an area of 22 square meters. Double plane weighs 450 kilograms with a length of 8.5 meters and a wingspan of 24.8 meters. The first flight took place at the airport of Payerne on may 5, 2017. SolarStratos rose into the air under the control of Hiciera Damian (Damian Hischier), the flight was at an altitude of 250-300 meters lasted six minutes. By the end of 2018, the creators SolarStratos plan to achieve on this record for a solar-powered aircraft altitude of 25 thousand feet.

The creators of the plane are planning to use it for commercial flights into the stratosphere. The aircraft unpressurized cabin, so the pilot and passenger will wear pressure suits. As noted by the SRG SSR, this will be used for ultra-light suits, designed by Russian firm "Zvezda".

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There are other planes on solar batteries. For example, the American VO-Substrata developed by Luminati Aerospace, planned to turn into a stratospheric drone. In addition, in 2016, the aircraft Solar Impulse 2, also running on solar batteries, has completed a trip around the world. Pilots andré borschberg and Bertrand Piccard flew 40 thousand kilometers instead of the planned 35, the journey lasted a year, five months and seventeen days. published  

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Source: //www.nanonewsnet.ru/news/2017/shveitsariya-ispytala-dvukhmestnyi-stratosfernyi-samolet-na-solnechnykh-batareyakh


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