Developed the thinnest wireless keyboard in the world

The CSR company demonstrated a prototype of the most thin wireless keyboard. It almost exists in two dimensions, has a thickness of 0.49 mm. The keyboard is flexible, it is possible to draw with the stylus or use the surface for handwriting.

To achieve such a small thickness, the CSR applied the fee, which is printed using ink-jet technology and conductor. On top of it is covered with a special sensitive layer, which senses the touch of your fingers or stylus.

The computer connection is done via the proprietary technologies CSR BluŠµtooth Smart, which the company calls "super economical coverage".

Keyboard can withstand significant bends. Due to the fact that it is not assembled from parts, and almost entirely printed, the manufacturer promises high reliability. The delay of data transmission from the keyboard to the computer is close to 12 milliseconds. The device is compatible with all versions of Bluetooth.

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