Created "smart wallet", which is difficult to steal or lose

The purse is made of aluminium and can at the same time hold up to ten credit cards or a small wad of bills the fixture using two rubber bands. The aluminum plate is mounted a battery, a speaker module BluetŠ¾oth and a special sensor that will help you understand when holder took out the contents or part of it. This device will notify the host by means of an audio signal. Also wallet will remind the owner to return the card after use.


Moreover, the sound signal can cause especially, with the help of a phone app. This is useful in case if the owner of the wallet can not find it. In this case, you can use the locator application (the communication range between the smartphone and the wallet is on the order of 30 meters).


"We want to make another purse, and solve a lot more problems," say the developers.

Source: /users/413


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