Unique toothbrush can clean teeth in 6 seconds

Designers Blizzidеnt made the device for cleaning of all teeth at one time. Efficiency, according to the authors, is 100%.
According to the recommendations of dentists to brush their teeth for at least two minutes: only in this case each surface falls on two movements of the brush. The efficiency when the cleaning is equal to 65%, and electric — 70%.
The company Blizzidеnt completely altered the normal shape of the brush: their device is a 3D-impression of the jaw of a particular user, the inner part of which has 400 bristles. The bristles look in different directions at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the teeth. The cleaning process is a biting Blizzidеnt 10-12 times, which will give the opportunity to clean all the teeth at the same time.

As Blizzidеnt contains 10 times more bristles than an ordinary brush, and each bristle cleans only its own area and, of course, has 10 times smaller than the load, then the creators say its high wear resistance.

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