How to clean your keyboard at home

Modern technologies allow to make the cleaning of the keyboard is quite comfortable and fast. USB vacuum cleaner for key — quite a small cleaner that can be connected to the computer using the USB connector. In a set of them, typically sell a variety of brushes and nozzles allow you to clean up the debris even in hard to reach places. Although you can buy USB vacuum cleaner for key easily enough, many PC users do all the work themselves. And then they have a choice in ways of dealing with dirt.
If contamination of the keyboard is not quite strong, and to remove keys not hunting, you can try to clean it by the following method.

You need to take Scotch tape, stick it on the keys, then flip the keyboard a couple of times and trotted her. This is an Express treatment, which can only remove surface contamination.


But when dirt got under the keys, then what they can even get stuck, do a normal cleaning will not work. In this case it is better to pull all the keys. You can take a small screwdriver and neatly podkovyrnut her each key, if I use the lever. Then take a rag that is dampened with soapy water or water with detergent, RUB it panel keypad and each key separately. The work is monotonous and necessary, but it will bring a great result.
The following method is quite time consuming, but allows you to clean even the most contaminated keyboard. You need to take it apart by removing all the bolts, usually located on the bottom panel. Then you need to pull out all the keys. Together with the two panels should be put in the package that you want to pour the water and pour 50 g of any washing powder. You can gently trotted package netpanel its contents, then rinse the removable parts of the keyboard. Prior to collection, they should dry well.


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