Google has created an application for the recognition of banknotes

Google was included in the Goggles app detection bills. This was announced on the company's page in the social network Gоogle+.
After detection, the application calls the denomination of the banknote, the country that released it, and the years in which it was used.To gain such information about a particular bill, the user needs to run Gоggles on your phone or tablet and memorializing bill on the built-in camera of the device.

The program "learns" about 45 thousand different banknotes of more than three hundred countries (some of them are not on the map). In the catalogue notes fall like modern banknotes, and those who are already out of circulation (for example, the Italian Lira or the French franc).
Goоgle did not specify whether the Goggles to recognize coins.

Source: /users/413


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