Google Street View offers travellers to become his "eyes"

And again about Goоgle Strеet View! Google realized that the unusual places in the world so much that her own resources are not enough to cover them with panoramic images. But because Google has decided to employ on this service everyone travelers.

The world is a wonderful and amazing place. And there are many people who can go even in the most remote and inaccessible places on the planet. And the Corporation Gоogle wants to use such travelers, to expand the coverage of its service Gоogle Strеet View.

Over the last couple of years, experts Gоogle did a great job in order to cover panoramic shots of the thousands of cities in many countries of the world, and major and minor roads between them.
To get to these places Gоogle Street View wants with the help of ordinary travellers. Goоgle offers anyone to go camping send a request and receive a special backpack Goоgle, Thacker Strеet Viеw of Warcrack, which was created precisely in order to take panoramic shots.

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