Created by the streetlight that change carbon dioxide into oxygen

Smart people can draw energy from even the most seemingly improbable sources, the most simple methods.
Algae in chamber street lamp Аlgae Strеet Lаmp absorb CO2 from the environment. CO2 is supplied to the chamber through a small hole. With pump gas evenly distributed in the tank. Algae convert CO2 and turn it into biomass, which through a special tube, which are located in the pole of the lamp and under the asphalt, pushed to the nearest station cumulative.

After some time in the capacity of a lantern Аlgae Strеet Lаmp need to add fresh water and some populations of algae. The process of eating the smoke resumes, as fresh algae need food.

Oh, and another important advantage of environmental Аlgae Strеet Lаmp: after "absorbing" CO2 algae emit into the atmosphere is pure oxygen. Can you imagine the prospect of using Аlgae Strеet Laаmp: the city will work to feed their "street" algae, which in gratitude will give the town such a necessary clean air!

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